Get Ready to 1OTT

Connecting the 1OTT player to your TV.

Follow the quick steps below to connect your 1OTT player to your TV.

Connect one end of of your HDMI port OR Composite Cable on the back of your 1OTT player.

Connect the other end to an open HDMI port OR Composite Cable on your TV.

Power up your 1OTT by inserting the power connector to the back of the 1OTT player, and connect the USB power adapter into a wall electrical outlet.

Open the remote battery cover and insert the provided batteries.

Always insert the batteries (-) side first.

You have 2 ways of connecting your 1OTT player to your broadband high speed Internet.

Option 1 - WiFi:
You 1OTT player has built in WiFi which can be connected to your router. Make sure your router is within close range to the player for better streaming.

Option 2 - Ethernet:
The back of your 1OTT player has an Ethernet port which can be used to connect to your Internet router by using a LAN Cable.

Congratulations! You are now almost ready to stream the best entertainment channels with your 1OTT player.

Now you can begin to Setup your 1OTT player.

Setup Your 1OTT Player

Setting Up your 1OTT Player

Once you have connected your 1OTT player to your TV, just follow these screen instructions guide to start streaming your player.

Go to the SETUP tab on the left menu of your main screen and click on it.

Click on the Run Setup Wizard tab.

Select you chosen language on the Language Setting step.

Then click NEXT.

Choose your Network Connection. You have the options of Wired (Ethernet with LAN Cable), Wireless (WiFi) or WiFi Protected Setup.

Please ensure that you have your Internet password ready.

Then click NEXT.

Configure your IP Address by choosing to obtain an IP address automatically. The 1OTT player will detect your IP address automatically for you.

Then click NEXT.

Your Internet connection will be established.

Then click NEXT.

Choose your time settings.

Then click NEXT.

Choose your weather settings

Then click NEXT.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your setup is now complete.

Click DONE and Happy Streaming!

Installing Package Codes on Your 1OTT Player

Package Codes Installation

One of the best ways to install your favorite apps is to enter the package codes given. This will install a bundled set of apps to access to your favorite entertainment. Follow the screen instructions below to install.

Go to the main screen and click on the Enter Package Code tab.

Key in your chosen package code given on the virtual keyboard by using your remote control.

Then click OK.

Your chosen apps bundle will appear for confirmation.

Then click Install.

Read the Terms and Condition.

Then click Agree to proceed or Cancel to not proceed.

If you click Agree, the apps bundle will automatically prepare to install.

After a few seconds or a minute, all your bundled apps will be installed successfully.

Go back to the main screen and you will be able to see all the apps bundle installed.

Happy Streaming!